Precautions to prevent spread of virus or bacterial contamination

This topic is very relevant in the current times when we are all concerned about the spread of the Covid-19 corona virus. In general, the risk of spread of the virus through food is believed to be negligible for 2 reasons – A) while cooking the temperatures are not conducive for most viruses or bacteria to survive; B) the acidic medium in our stomach decimates most harmful viruses.

Nonetheless, it pays to be alert. We are undertaking due caution while handling and packing products to minimize any kind of transmission risk (please see the image).

However, the buyers / consumers also need to be diligent and practice health safety measures. Please watch the video for tips on how to handle fresh fruits and vegetables, not only in current times, but in general to get rid of surface contaminants.

It cannot be emphasized enough… Be safe and save others too.

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