About Us

Our initiative to bring original and chemical-free products to our customers directly from the farms at very reasonable prices.


This is an initiative started by 2 corporate professionals to bring original and chemical-free products to customers directly from the farms at very reasonable prices.

From March to July each year, India comes alive with the MANGO frenzy!! Come mango season, people flock to Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts to feast on the “King of fruits” – the popular Alphonso mango (locally called Hapoos). We bring these mangoes directly from the orchards in a semi-ripened state (hence no ripening or addition of ripening agents required).

We also have associate pulp manufacturers which are certified facilities for producing export quality mango pulp. Our strict quality guidelines ensure 100% pulp from the Alphonso mangoes that we supply direct from the farms.

Similarly cashew from our farms and that from other farmers are hand processed at our shelling and sorting/ grading units.

Our aim is to use digital innovations to support efforts toward higher incomes for smallholder farmers. Our initiative is to make small farm agriculture more market friendly so that the demand for the products and the prices become an incentive for the farmers to produce what the domestic or global markets demand


About Us

Our product quality ensures that our customers keep coming back to us for repeat orders.

We also intend to extend our product basket to bring more varieties of rich and healthy fruits and nuts to our valued customers starting the second half of 2020.


We have our family-owned farming operations in Devgad

Traditionally, our farm produce was sold domestically. This year onwards we plan to export our products to select international markets

In addition, we also source from a trusted network of farmers from the region

Farming Operations

We have our family owned farming operations in Devgad and Ratnagiri producing Alphonso mangoes and Cashew nuts.

In addition, we have also roped in small farmers from the region and source produce from their farms.

These are small farmers who traditionally used to sell out the entire trees after the flowers bloom to agents sitting in the APMCs in Mumbai, Nashik and Pune at a fraction of what they could have earned by selling the harvest. With us, these farmers now harvest 70% ripe fruits after receiving confirmed orders, thereby getting a more reasonable price for their hard work.

The cashew orchards are tended using organic methods and even the harvesting is done using manual labour. Hence our initiative creates multiple earning opportunities and supports a lot more people through associated activities.


Traditionally, our farm produce was sold domestically.

Encouraged by the response from our domestic customers, we plan to introduce our products to international buyers as well, starting this season in 2020. We have already received our export license and are in active discussions with some buyers in other countries.


TARA means star as per many old and contemporary Indian and Asian languages. The name is an embodiment of energy and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.

Our team is dedicated to bringing the pure goodness of nature by getting the best quality natural products to our valued customers.


All products are sourced from farms that use no synthetic fertilizers. Our products are naturally ripened and hand-picked and processed.