Having large owned farming facilities we can undertake a good amount of exports as per the scale required by customers. We are capable of meeting all export procedures as per your or your client's demands.

If you wish to import for your client's please make sure you have all the required certifications before contacting us.

What Differentiates AAKASH Tradeventures from the rest?

We source from our products from small scale farmers who believe in growing crops the natural way with no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. Sourcing from small scale farmers helps keep family farms in business and also provides them a larger share of the market price of their harvest.

We and our farmer community strongly believe that chemicals diminish the quality of the product and hence do not use any artificial ripening agents/chemicals.

GI (geographical indication) is an indication used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess the qualities or reputation that are due to that origin (wikipedia.org). GI is covered under a law of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

All treatments necessary to meet specific requirements to export to the buyer’s country will be carried out in government approved and listed facilities only.

As responsible global citizens, we are committed to minimizing the usage of non-recyclable materials for packaging. However, we will make best efforts to ensure that the quality and quantity of the ordered products are not compromised. We are open to consider any specific packaging requirement by the buyer if it is operationally and commercially feasible.

The choice of mode of transit from India to the port in the destination country will be made by the buyer. We will use carriers for global repute for transporting the products ordered in accordance with international trade guidelines.