Alphonso Mango – Special rates (offer till 10th April 2020)

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100% original Devgad alphonso mango (Devgad hapus).
Sourced from farms that use no synthetic fertilizers
Completely chemicals or carbide free. Natural ripening.

Rates of Alphonso mangoes in the markets change as per arrivals and market demand. This is very relevant in today’s situation of uncertainty. To safe guard the purchase of your delicious fruit from price fluctuations, we offer you a limited time SPECIAL DEAL – pay TODAY and order later as per your convenience.

Pay for your box of delicious, juicy alphonso mangoes today and get 15-25% off on the sale price on the date you wish to order. We have started delivering to select locations in Navi Mumbai and Thane. For other locations in Mumbai / Pune region, deliveries will start from 15th April 2020.


  1. Pay Rs. 1000 or Rs. 500 today (offer up to 1oth April 2020) and get a cash voucher of the same amount PLUS an additional discount coupon.
  2. When you wish to place an order, simply select the grade of Alphonso mango. Redeem the cash voucher (Rs. 1000 or Rs. 500 that you paid earlier) and also use the discount coupon to get an additional discount on the price of the mangoes on that day.
  • Example:
    • You pay Rs. 1000/- today. You will get a cash voucher of Rs. 1000 + discount coupon of 25%.
    • You wish to order 2 dozen mangoes on 14th April 2020 when the price of Alphonso mango – Premium is say Rs. 1600/- per dozen. You add 2 dozens to the cart.
    • While checking out, redeem your cash voucher of Rs. 1000.
    • Apply coupon for 25% discount i.e. 25% on Rs.3200 (price of 2 dz) and save Rs. 800/-.
    • So you pay: Rs. 3200 (for 2 dz) – Rs. 1000 (cash voucher) – Rs. 800 (25% discount) = Rs. 1400 only.



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