Alphonso Mango – Large

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  1. Original Devgad alphonso mangoes –  Large (Grade A1; average size per piece 220-260 gms.) (in dz)

Minimum order: 1 box / peti – 5dz and its multiples (due to lock down extension)


100% original Devgad alphonso mango (Devgad hapus) or Ratnagiri alphonso mango.
Grade 1 or 2 mangoes. Each weighs approx. 200-250 gms.
Sourced from farms that use no synthetic fertilizers.
Mangoes are packed semi ripe so as to withstand transport time. Fruit will mature to full sweetness and aroma after arrival.
Completely chemicals or carbide free. Natural ripening.
Storage information- Keep the mangoes in the hay. Do not refrigerate the mangoes unless fully ripe.

Note: The fruits are graded when they are still green/semi-ripe. Weight reduces as fruits ripen, or during transit due to moisture loss.

Minimum order: 1 box / peti – 6dz and its multiples (due to lock down extension)

Dimensions N/A

1 dozen, 2 dozens, 5 dozens (1 peti/ box), 25 dozens (5 peti/ boxes), 50 dozens (10 peti/ boxes)


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